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Friend & Partner Criteria List

    • Age Range


    • Geographic location (within how many miles do they live?)


    • Marital/status/ Relationship desire


    • Energy Level


    • Family hopes/ obligations:
      Wants children,
      has kids, likes your kids,
      relationship with his/her parents/siblings,
      with your parents/siblings,
      elder parent care…?


    • Education/Intelligence


    • Values held and Practiced


    • Traditional vs. Non-traditional sex role


    • Interests/recreation/hobbies


    • Health issues


    • Attitude towards sex and sex history


    • Personality traits


    • Mood management


    • Relationship skills/history


    • Addictions: Now, past, and treatment


    • Personal/home hygiene


    • Political Stance/Activities


    • Spirituality/Religion


    • Ambition and Goals


    • Finances: Salary, Debt management, Spending Patterns, Savings


    • Pets: attitudes


    • Attitude toward therapy/history of own therapy/recovery


    • Appearance


  • Etcetera


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Individuals of all cultural backgrounds / sexual orientations welcome.


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