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Individual Therapy

All clients are seen individually before going into group therapy or attending a workshop or an Intensive Treatment Marathon. This is done to assess the appropriateness of their placement in those treatment settings.


Many people prefer to continue Individual Therapy with the therapist. This is especially true when a person has an erratic work schedule or cannot attend evening groups. Individual therapy also fits for those who feel uncomfortable talking about personal issues in a group setting and/or are going through crisis and need more intensive work than can be provided in a group setting.


Brad uses EMDR and supportive therapy during individual sessions.


Whether you need help with sex addiction, codependency, debting, relationship problems, career issues, sexuality, mood disorders (anxiety, depression, PTSD), you have come to the right place!




Individuals of all cultural backgrounds / sexual orientations welcome.


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"A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for."

-J.A. Shedd