Recovery from Addictions, Traumas, and Unsatisfying Relationships


Previous Intensive Treatment

Two Day Intensive Treatment Marathon



When: Exact Date to be announced later


Where: Cool, CA (Near Auburn)


Cost: $695.00 for therapy,

lunch & dinner both days.


Therapists:  Linda Paoli & Charlene Conley


Accommodation: We recommend staying overnight at least Friday.


Most of our clients stay at The American River Inn in Georgetown.


For reservations, call (800) 245-6566 or go online at




*Messages to Change


To Be Announced


*Messages we received from our primary caretakers though verbal and physical exchanges with us or by the role model they provided us.






What is the benefit of this weekend long, high cost treatment?


With two days to focus on yourself and your issues, you can go deeper and make profound changes in the way you think, feel, and behave.  Your psyche is very protective and knows that you have to function in real life when you leave your therapist’s office.  Having the extra time during intensive treatment gives you a “kick start” in healing that makes follow up sessions more productive.


As for the cost, you are getting 16 hours of therapy with two extremely well trained, talented and experienced therapists for $45. per hour.  More importantly, former attendees have reported life changing results that they never dreamed possible after attending one of our intensives.  As the Mastercard ad says, “Priceless.”



What is the format of the weekend?


During the first day, clients participate in group therapy regarding their goals for the weekend and focus on particular childhood messages.  Therapists explain and review the steps in Redecision therapy, lead guided imagery experiences and guide clients in an anger exercise.  After dinner, the first piece of Redecision work is done.


The next day consists of clients doing their individual Redecision work and also participating in exercises devised by the therapists.


During lunch, break and at the end of the first day, clients are given homework assignments to strengthen changes in desired areas.


Throughout the entire weekend, clients are supported by other group members, connect and have fun during meals and are skillfully treated  by Linda and Charlene.


If I am not your client, how will you know if the Intensive Treatment is right for me?


We won’t.  If you have never been treated by Linda or Charlene, we require a one hour therapy assessment (at our usual rates) to see if the Weekend is a good fit.  We will also ask you to fill out some information regarding your family of origin so that we can be most effective working with you after you have registered for the weekend.


Will everyone be coming individually or can couples attend?


If your therapist thinks that both individuals in a couple relationship would benefit from having their partner observe their individual work at this intensive, both partners will be accepted.  We often have one or two couples attend with the rest of the attendees being individuals.



Can I bring my own food?


If you have dietary needs or wants, you can certainly bring special foods.  Check with us about our menu and perhaps we can make some adjustments.





Individuals of all cultural backgrounds / sexual orientations welcome.


CALL NOW 916-616-5227 or email and begin getting the life and love you want.


"A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for."

-J.A. Shedd