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Make New Year’s Resolutions that Really Work


Every year people make New Year’s Resolutions–and most people forget about them in a few weeks or months.  What is the secret to setting New Year’s Resolutions…and keeping them?


First, figure out what you want and then figure out your resolutions.  

Almost everyone makes a resolution to lose weight, but they make it from a “should” position.  “I should lose weight so I’ll be healthy and fit into my clothes”, etc.  Then it becomes a chore to put it into action.


How about figuring out what you want in life?  If part of what you want is to be able to dance the night away or  go surfing in Hawaii next summer, being at a healthy weight and exercising regularly will make those “wants” much easier to accomplish.  Get your inner child involved before you set your goals and you’ll be much more successful!


One of the ways to figure out what you really want is to imagine yourself at age 80 looking back on your life.  What do you want to have accomplished?  What experiences do you want to have had? How do you want your relationships with family, friends, co-workers and your Higher Power to be like?  How would you like people to describe you? 

Think about people who have what you want.  What kind of advice would they give you about setting and achieving your goals that you can utilize to create a strategy for success?



Make sure your resolutions conform to these 4 criteria:


1. The goal is stated in positive terms.


2. The goal is measurable.

“I am kinder to others.” is not measurable.

“I do 2 acts of kindness per week.” is.


3. You are in control of the outcome.

“My children get all A’s.” is not in your control.

“I create an hour of quiet time in the house each evening and supervise my children doing their homework.” is.


4. The goal flows from my values and life intentions.  In other words, achievement of this goal causes you to be more of who you want to be.



Don’t forget your long-term goals


Too many short-term goals and you may find yourself 5 years from now not having the time or resources to do what you want to do then.  For example, if you buy a new Corvette and ski boat this year, you may not have enough down-payment to buy a house in 5 years.

Solution:  Expand your dreams out 5 years, 10 years or to retirement before you set this year’s resolutions or goals.


Too many long term goals and you may get discouraged because you are waiting too long for rewards—and you may be overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start.

Solutions:  Break your long-term goals down into short-term goals (i.e., turn “Graduate from College in 4 years.” into “Complete Freshman year this year.”).


Always add some fun goals such as a weekend away with your spouse, learning to ski, etc.




Individuals of all cultural backgrounds / sexual orientations welcome.


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