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Partners of Sexually Compulsive/Addicted Male Partners









Previous Partner Group

Led by: Chelsea Gilbert Mft Intern, ASAT

Supervised by Linda C. Paoli LCSW CSAT-S

Thursday, 6:30 – 8:30 pm


Workbook Facing Heartbreak by Dr. Stephanie Carnes
Location: 3433 American River Dr, Ste A, Sacramento, CA 95864



1. Individual assessment session for new clients.

2. Purchase of workbook.

3. 12 group session commitment.

4. One call to a therapy group member per week.


Strongly suggested: Attendance at a 12 step group for family members of addicts (S-Anon, Alanon, Coda, Adult Children of Alcoholics)



 Cost-effective weekly therapy

 Support of others in group going through the same thing

 Learn practical tools to deal with anger, self-blame, depression, obsessive thoughts, and intense pain

 Be more in control of your triggers and your life

 Begin the path to learning to trust and love again

 Regain self-respect by living a life of integrity

 Learn healthy relationship skills

 Create a balanced lifestyle that provides a safe haven for your children

Included in group treatment is psycho-education, recovery techniques, family-of-origin work, and group support.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a sliding scale?

We do not have a sliding scale for group. The price that we charge is very fair because the group is 2 hours long.


Why a 12 session commitment?

A 12 session commitment is required in order to help each person feel safe in the group. The topics that may be included in these groups are very private and sensitive. Group members want to know that everyone in the group is entering at a similar level of commitment. When a person makes a 12 session commitment, she stays long enough to move through resistance (scared feelings about changing) and usually has accomplished necessary tasks for treatment.


How much is the individual assessment session?

It depends on who you see. Chelsea charges $100 – $130.00 per hour and can be seen on a sliding scale. Linda charges $145.00.


Why do I need an individual session?

We need to make sure that you would benefit from group at this time. It is also a time that we can get information that assures us that your partner most probably does have problems with sex addiction or compulsive sexual acting out.


What about people of different races, marital status, age, etc.?

We do not have teenagers in our group. It is for those 20 and over. That being said, addiction is an equal opportunity disease. There are a few differences in issues faced by younger and single partners of addicts. We deal with those issues in group.


How is it different from other groups, such as 12- Step?

12-Step programs do not offer the education about addiction, recommendations and advice, and input from other group members that are central to our groups. Also, because our group is led by therapists, Chelsea may go into more vulnerable topics such as molest and other forms of abuse.


Why do you recommend going to 12-Step meetings?

12-Step meetings are essential for a speedier recovery for most people. You can find a meeting to attend every day for support. They are free and are attended by people who understand your pain and accept you. You can also get a mentor (sponsor) who you can learn from and lean on. Meetings also help you to structure time when your partner is attending his 12 step meetings.  Chelsea will talk to you more about the types of 12 step meetings you might choose to attend.


Do you take credit cards?

We take all credit and debit cards. Call now at 916-6165227 to sign up!


I have an individual therapist. Do I have to stop seeing that person in order to take part in the group?

We support your continued individual therapy. We do want a release of information to talk to your therapist, however.




Individuals of all cultural backgrounds / sexual orientations welcome.


CALL NOW 916-616-5227 or email and begin getting the life and love you want.


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