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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is often misunderstood. Hollywood, the press and entertainers/hypnotists at your local fairgrounds portray hypnosis as a tool to get people to look silly, do things they do not want to do or be in the hypnotist’s control.


Some basic facts about hypnosis and hypnotherapy are as follows:


Hypnosis is a form of intense, focused concentration and diminished peripheral awareness—a state of alertness, not sleep. It can be entered spontaneously, with guidance from a therapist, or at a person’s own instigation. The hypnotized person may experience feelings of floating, tingling, heaviness, or increased relaxation, as well as enhanced imagery.


Guided Imagery is a process of telling a story to a person who is in a hypnotic state or trance. This story usually has a message that enhances the person’s self-esteem, or which invites the individual to discover the answers to problems from within.


Hypnosis or trance is not a foreign or new state of being. We are in trance when we watch TV or read a good book and are so absorbed that the rest of the world is forgotten. We are also in trance when we fall in love or are driving down a street and “miss” our turn.


Hypnosis is a therapeutic method whereby a person can utilize more of his/her inherent learning potential.


Children are in trance most of the time, as they can be totally absorbed in their activities. We lose this ability to be in a trance as we get older, because we have to stay alert to a multitude of responsibilities.


Hypnosis is very useful in treating anxiety, stress, poor self-esteem, and promoting healthy anger management.




Individuals of all cultural backgrounds / sexual orientations welcome.


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